Daedalus Editing

Logo Design, 2017.

David has his own fiction editing company and logo concept. He came to me to turn his vision into reality. The logo refers to the story of Daedalus, an ancient Greek craftsman who was given a challenge to pull a string through a nautilus shell.

The first steps of my process. Putting a string inside the shell.

Logos should be simple so I thought of something else.

I zoomed in on the shell. Now it looks great! The square shape looks more balanced, too. Most importantly, David loves his new logo.

Feedback by
David Sorensen

"I recently had the pleasure of working personally with Adi for my website's logo, and I was extremely impressed not only with the quality of my logo but also the speed and affordability of his service. I fully intend to work with him on future projects, since craftsmanship like this is hard to come by."